Cow Bred Quarter Horses
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Our Little Cowgirls
This page was last updated: July 27, 2014
Baby is a beautiful blue merle with lots of running copper which she passes on to her puppies.  She is 13 inches and 13 pounds and registered ASDR.  Baby's right eye is blue and her left eye is marbled.  She has given us some very tiny pups that matured under 11 inches and 10 pounds.  Her pups have the sweetest personalities.
Roxi is a lovely little girl with lots of white that she gives to her puppies.  She is 13 inches and 12 pounds with brown eyes.  Her dam was a BET so she carries the gene.  She is registered ASDR and has also produced some tiny puppies for us maturing to 10 inches and 6 pounds.  We love Roxi's playful little puppies.
Lily is a cute 12 inch black tri with a nice stocky frame.  She is BET sired so she carries the BET gene.  We look forward to some little puppies with her laid back personality.
Rein is a beautiful 14 inch red merle with one blue eye out of Roxi and Ringo.  I love her personality and she has beautiful looks to match!  Her first litter of puppies were awesome with full collars and 4 out of 6 merles all with blue eyes!  We look forward to many more beautiful puppies out of this little cowgirl!